Who We Are

Black Squirrel was created as a ‘Nexus’ point to address specific needs for connecting businesses to the right resources and service providers, and identify the capital that may be required for them to scale. Black Squirrel’s approach is to accelerate change by engaging and assessing business, community, and organizational ecosystems in partnership with stakeholders to leverage opportunities for small businesses revitalization, neighborhood investment, and community wealth building.

Through our network of industry professionals, technical assistance providers, in collaboration with our nationwide partners, Black Squirrel delivers solutions that provide results.

Our proprietary solution, BizScoreline, is a business assessment platform developed by Black Squirrel to assess small to mid-sized businesses’ ability to maintain their operations in normal economic as well as turbulent times. The BizScoreline is designed to measure key infrastructure areas of a business:

  • Business Strategy
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Digital Marketing Capability
  • Financial Infrastructure

Black Squirrel is distinctive in its service offerings that are modular in design for the needs of small businesses in alignment with its local economy, support networks, and value-added partners. The PHILLY RISE Accelerator is an example of this innovative approach as an initiative created to provide opportunities for small black and brown developers through training, coaching, and community building that includes access to properties and capital to:

  • Provide small Black and Brown real estate developers access to a timely and reasonable cost of capital to help maximize their return on investment
  • Increase the number of homes developed by black and brown developers in Philadelphia
  • Scale black and brown enterprises to be competitive in the region’s real estate economy
  • Link black and brown developers meaningfully into the region’s real estate ecosystem
  • Increase wealth generation possibilities in black and brown communities for black and brown communities

Our team