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Black Squirrel provides services as a NEXUS POINT for small businesses improvement and neighborhood revitalization that leverages resources for sustaining and scaling local enterprises to advance a community’s economic health and wealth. Through its network of industry professionals and technical assistance providers – Black Squirrel delivers solutions that emphasize Sustainable Economic Investment for Wealth Creation.

  • Providing opportunities and benefits for business sustainability and scalability, in alignment with community regeneration.
  • Establishing highly functional community ecosystems through connecting loosely knit linkages with highly functional economic networks.
  • Obtaining, collecting, and analyzing community and business data for development and investment opportunities that maximize impact and economic growth.

DEPLOYING solutions. DEVELOPING people. DELIVERING results.

What We Do

Small-Medium Business Assessment

Through our proprietary assessment tool, BizScoreline, Black Squirrel provides value-added benefits to users for sustaining and scaling their businesses.

Real Estate Development & Funding

In partnership with development leaders and professionals we have launched a Real Estate Accelerator, Philly RISE, to engage, train, support, and provide capital for black and brown developers to grow.

Community & Impact Investment

Through collaboration with social impact investors and a network of CDFIs, we connect capital to neighborhoods for investment in local development and community revitalization.

Our Partners

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